Ethics & Compliance

RFR is a subsidiary of the ARTELIA Group.

Adopting and promoting honest and ethical behavior in all of its relationships with all its partners is a strong commitment of the Artelia Group. This principle has led the Group to define rules of conduct and principles of action which guide the behavior of all employees, its partners and other stakeholders, in matters of ethics, compliance, environmental and social responsibility. and societal.

Wherever the Artelia Group is present, our subsidiaries respect local cultures and traditions and integrate the Group's values ​​through their actions and commitment, in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions of each country.

The Group Integrity Program is structured to help employees develop their activities with integrity and transparency while respecting the rules of conduct. It is based on a specific organization, the Group's Ethics Charter and an alert system accessible to all.

Within the framework of the Ethics Charter, these five values ​​are reflected in particular by:

The requirement to satisfy our contractual obligations while ensuring the control of our risks and the rigorous application of the provisions of the Ethics Charter;
Simplicity in relations between employees, with our clients and our partners, including in the affirmation of the necessary strict compliance with the provisions of the Ethics Charter:

  • The sharing of information in a transparent manner and the collegiality of decisions, particularly acutely on subjects linked to the provisions of the Ethics Charter;
  • Independence of judgment and a spirit of responsibility, particularly in terms of scrupulous application of the provisions of the Ethics Charter;
  • The passion for exercising a profession whose raison d'être is ambitious and the pride in exercising it with a high level of requirements expressed in the provisions of the Ethics Charter.
  • The Artelia Group promotes open dialogue within the Group as well as with its partners and customers: this is why the Group has several channels offering the possibility of reporting in good faith an illegal, unethical and/or dangerous fact or behavior , affecting the general interest, individuals or the company.
  • Employees can contact their manager or human resources manager, the Ethics & Integrity Manager of their Business Unit or the Group Compliance Officer. External stakeholders can raise their concerns with their contact(s) at Artelia

In addition to these channels, the Group's employees and stakeholders have access to Artelia Group Integrity Line, an online interface which offers the possibility of reporting in good faith and in a confidential and secure manner these same illegal or unethical acts or behaviors. and/or dangerous, affecting the general interest, people or the company.

This interface is accessible via the following link:

The Artelia Group provides protection against reprisals to the whistleblower. Therefore, no one will be subject to retaliation, or the threat of retaliation, for reporting an ethics or fraud problem in good faith.
The information collected by all recipients of the report and the people concerned remains strictly confidential. Personal data is collected in accordance with applicable legal provisions. The persons concerned (issuer of the alert, persons involved in the collection or processing of the alert, person subject to an alert as a presumed victim or witness to the facts) may exercise their right of access, by through the system or by mail addressed to the Group Compliance Officer.