Creil's Footbridge

CREIL - France
Passerelle Creil vue 1
Communauté d'Agglomération Creilloise
JF Blassel Architecte
RFR’s assignments

RFR's was in charge of the technical conception of this projet.

The two suspension cables adopt an asymmetrical profile corresponding to the landscape context: tarting from an abutment on the future Place Fichet, they gradually ascend towards the island to the top of a 28 meters tower. This mast surrounded by trees and forming an inverted "V" shape is anchored to the ground by two rear cables.

The thin precast concrete deck is suspended from the cables by a set of crossed lines forming a light mesh. The line of the bridge deck crosses the Oise river and extends into the access ramp that runs along the future Place Fichet. The access ramp on the island runs along the Oise river and has a distinct treatment, with a wood deck discreetly inserted in the wooded context.
Passerelle Creil vue 2

The suspended footbridge of Creil crosses the Oise river over an 80-meter span, between the urbanized right bank and the wooded park of Île Saint Maurice.

In 2017, the suspended footbridge of Creil won the 'Equerre d'Argent" in the category "works of art".

You can find a video of the footbridge of Creil by clicking on the following link: