Galeries Lafayette - Bourse

Marseille - France
Galeries Lafayette Bourse, Marseille
2008 - 2014
Galeries Lafayette / Citynove/ Axa et Klépierre
Moatti Rivière; decoration RDAI
RFR’s assignments

RFR performed the design studies for the façades and the canopy of the Galeries Lafayette store, and also designed the footbridge connecting the city with the shopping centre.

Façade area
3 800 m²
RFR was appointed to work as façade specialist assisiting RDAI with the design of the store façades, offering a technical approach suited to the project context and guaranteeing the quality of the envelope system, its geometry and its implementation
The design of the structures comprises the façades, the store windows, the entrances and the footbridge connecting the shopping centre with the city. The design of the "voilette" wave-like canopy, a four-cornered pattern layout on a freeform geometry, required extensive geometric research.
Galeries Lafayette Bourse, Marseille