Station RER A - Charles de Gaulle Étoile

Paris - France
CDGE RATP perspective cascade
2019 - 2020
RFR’s assignments

RFR currently studies, along the Architects, the concepts and technic design of three works.

This project is part of a large intervention to fully renovate the suburban train RER A station Charles de Gaulle Etoile in Paris. RFR’s scope involves three iconic works :
1 – The « Cascade » (waterfall), is a suspended structure covered in Solid Surface panels to form backlit cubic shapes. This floating sculpture will replace the current stainless steel ceiling above the escalators.
2 – The « platforms sitting area» follow the shape of the tunnel ceiling. These furniture elements, also made out of thermoformed Solid Surface, are set in assembled modules along the platforms.
3 – The « platform Ribbons” are two linear truss beams, each measuring 250m (one above each platform), that will support platform lightings, information screens, and all other RATP required equipment.
CDGE RATP structure nappe