RFR team on a site visit in the heart of Paris

The RFR team members met to the Jean Goujon construction site to visit and discover this huge restauration project located in the center of Paris. Wilmotte & Associés architects designed with RFR this office building renovation for Covivio. 

One of the main elements is the glazed canopy that surrounds the courtyard, with its roof staggered slope roof and electrochromic glass panels, which allow a high amount of natural light to enter while optimizing the solar gains.
The greenhouse, another main work, will be completed soon, entailing our team to visit the site again. This annex located at the heart of the building featuring a wooden structure over the roof will receive a vegetable garden, used later on by the residents.
The construction is due to be completed in 2022.

We would like to thank the main contractor Eiffage Pradeau Morin, as well as our colleague Yoan the project manager at RFR, for welcoming us on site and for accompanying us through the visit. 

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