Visual on the second prototype of the facades of the Marriott Hotel of Cannes

Designed by architect Alain Moatti, the JW Marriott Hotel of Cannes will be delivered soon.

Started on the end of 2017, the rehabilitation and extension works will be ending during 2020, and will allow the Hotel to offer 2.500m² of new commercial areas as well as a new hotel offer on more than 7.800m² on the Croisette. Among these works, 1.500m² of restaurants, 4.200m² of superelevations, and 2.100m² of event terraces are planned.

The new facades of the hotel are made of curved glass 6.20m high offering a linear of 85m glass sheets in single curvature in double glazing, with stainless steel joinery.

The upper part of this façade curves to form a glass cornice, acting as a protection for the pedestrian public on the Croisette. The top of this cornice gives way to nature thanks to its vegetal treatment.

facades prototypes