French engineers declare climate and biodiversity emergency

We know that we only have a decade left to deal with the climate emergency and the collapse of our biodiversity; otherwise, we might have to deal with our nature being irreversibly damaged.

Urban development and building and infrastructure construction continues to intensify, resulting each year in the production of greenhouse gases and the further destruction of our natural habitats.

To meet the needs of society without exceeding the ecological limits of our planet, we, actors in the field of construction, must make a radical change in our approach. If we want to reduce and eventually repair the environmental damage we cause, we need to rethink our buildings, cities and infrastructure as indivisible components of a global ecosystem, in constant evolution and regeneration, and in balance with nature.

Such a transformation cannot occur without an ambitious statement of overall intent, followed by a commitment, an international cooperation and a free and open sharing of knowledge. A joint statement will allow more effective lobbying with decision makers and governments for them to engage leadership and commit resources into this transformation. The next few years will be decisive in shaping our collective future: we must act now.

We are joining more than 1000 architectural agencies and design offices around the world who have declared the climate and biodiversity emergency, and who are mobilizing accordingly. We invite all design offices, designers and architects of building and civil engineering in France to join us in this mobilization. Aware of the urgency, we want to accelerate the transformation of our practices by sharing our knowledge and experiences. A cycle of conferences is organized around the commitments of the design and studies offices signatories of #engineersdeclare. The first conference will be held on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

join us:

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