Novartis Campus - Welcome Centre building

Shanghai - China
Novartis Campus Shanghai - Welcome Centre building, offices and auditorium
2009 - 2014
China Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Sergison Bates Architects, London
RFR’s assignments

Complete design and project supervision services for the façades.

Floor area
6 700 m²
Façade area
7 900 m²
The façade is composed of extra tall terracotta prefabricated panels assembled on glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC). The terracotta elements were custom-made specifically for this project, in order to obtain a random finish and avoid a smooth industrial-style effect. The exterior curtain wall and opaque façade panels are made of brass. Internaly, the façade frames as well as the opaque façade panels are timber-cladded. All the windows are triple-glazed.
Novartis Campus Shanghai - Welcome Centre building, offices and auditorium

The new Novartis research campus, located in Shanghai on a site measuring more than 80,000m², is like a city within a city. Its first phase includes seven buildings (laboratories, offices, auditorium, café, etc.), all designed by different architects on different continents. 

RFR was commissioned to design the envelopes and special structures of all seven of these buildings. The Welcome Centre building has a terracotta, stone and brass façade, finished on its interior face with timber cladding and coverings.

The façade is a curtain wall composed of several prefabricated elements. The uprights are composed of terracotta elements assembled as panels on glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) in order to reach across several storeys as a single piece. The window blocks between these uprights are also prefabricated elements composed of triple glazing and opaque panels covered with patinated brass. On each side of these panes, openable windows concealed in the opaque areas provide natural ventilation. These openable windows, the roller blind casings and the curtain wall frames are also cladded with patinated brass in order to create a harmonious appearance. Inside, the façade frame and opaque façade panels are timber-cladded.